The New York Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) told the world about a pilot program with PURO Lighting to test our UV light disinfection products, powered by Violet DefenseTM technology, on New York City’s buses, trains, stations, and occupational facilities. And best yet, Columbia University demonstrated that UVC efficiency kills the virus that causes COVID-19 using Puro UV lighting products.

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Sports Venues/Gyms

UV-Sanitation-Disinfection Lighting

With Citra’s broad-spectrum Puro UV fixtures you can provide your fitness lovers with assurance and peace of mind that they are training in a safe, clean and caring environment. Combat the persistent issues of foot fungus, unwanted infections, and poor hygiene habits by disinfecting the equipment, showers, and air in your gym each night.

Citra has the power to keep your athletes, coaches, and other staff healthy and safe with Puro’s disinfection solutions. Contact sports at all levels, including football, soccer, basketball, wrestling and more, are at an even higher risk for MRSA and Norovirus compared to non-contact athletes. Puro’s technology helps disinfect up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses that thrive in locker rooms, weight rooms, clinical areas and bathrooms that threaten the health of your athletes and staff. Puro’s Helo and Sentry units give you the ability to disinfect a large area to clinical standards while your athletes rest at night.

When it comes to UV disinfection technology, Citra is a superior choice. Citra, together with Puro™, offers the sports industry UV lighting solutions. These UV fixtures are an effective and innovative disinfecting solution, protected by patents from Violet Defense™, making them the preferred choice for many building owners, managers and professionals across the nation. This patented design allows significant UV energy transmission, without the fogging, cracking or discoloration that occurs over time.

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UV-C Technology

Puro’s product lines, Helo and Sentry Mobile, powered by Violet DefenseTM technology, represent a significant advance in the defense of germicides. Citra uses Puro’s solutions for broad-spectrum light like germicidal UV-C, UV-B and antibacterial UV-A.

UV-C is most generally referred to as germicidal UV, capable of killing bacteria, viruses, mold and fungus. Many professionals in the assisted living industry choose UV-C disinfection technology to kill bacteria on commonly touched surfaces. With UV lighting technology in the senior living community, you can ensure employees, seniors, and visitors that they are in a safe setting. With Puro’s disinfection lighting products:

  • It kills 99.9 percent of bacteria and viruses
  • Fixtures can be mounted strategically on walls or be mobile to be moved from room to room
  • Safest solution on the market with automatic sensor shut off
  • Xenon lamps require less energy, which saves money, and no maintenance

Today, with viruses threatening our society, it is crucial for the assisted living industry to be alert and proactive in order to play their part in keeping their community safe. There are hundreds to thousands of people that can come and go within a facility which can become a common breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. It’s important to improve the standard of cleanliness all while using solutions that do not add as a health hazard. Citra is thrilled to be in the business of protecting you and your loved ones through quality UV lighting by PuroTM.