Ultraviolet (UV) light has been well studied for use as an antimicrobial technology.

It reliably eradicates bacteria, viruses, and fungi by destroying their DNA. Within the UV light spectrum, UV-C light has been shown to sanitize most effectively and has developed a history of use for disinfection and sanitization of drinking water, industrial surfaces, and more.

UV light has also become popular for disinfection in medical facilities for its ability to eliminate the spore-forming bacterium Clostridium difficile, which is the culprit in many infections acquired in hospitals.

Citra's UV Disinfection Products

Citra offers a wide range of products to meet the varying needs of UV disinfection applications. Our portfolio of UV disinfection products includes:

Fixed Mounted Air Units

Fixed Mounted Air Units

Fixed Mounted Air Units are commonly used to provide UV disinfection in a variety of environments where bacterial or viral agents are commonly found. By treating the air in occupied or unoccupied spaces, these solutions help to eliminate airborne viral, bacterial, and fungal agents, while also preventing active organisms from settling on surfaces.

At Citra, we offer the following fixed mounted air units:

  • GLO™ Upper-Air Germicidal UV Fixture
  • Hygeaire® Ultraviolet Indirect Air Disinfection
  • SANITAIRE® UV Room Air Sanitizers RS72 – RSA760 (free standing, wall mount, or
    ceiling mount)
  • SANITAIRE RSCS280A Recessed Ceiling Mount Sanitizer
  • VidaShield UV24 Overhead Air Purification System
Fixed Mounted Surface Units

Fixed Mounted Surface Units

Fixed Mounted Surface Units provide a permanent method for regular disinfection of critical areas. Citra offers many fixed mounted surface options for UV disinfection including:

  • The HELO Series HELO F1 uses full-spectrum UV to disinfect small spaces.
  • The HELO Series HELO F2 kills bacteria, fungi, and viruses on surfaces and within the air.
  • DE 422 Panel UVC Emitters™. These emitters are used to prevent the growth of bacteria, viruses, and mold in environments ranging from food production to medical facilities
  • Biolux® Germicidal UV Lamp Fixtures, SaniLight® Germicidal Ultraviolet Irradiators, and SaniRay® Germicidal Ultraviolet Fixtures offer an ideal solution for disinfecting air and surfaces in unoccupied spaces between uses
Mobile Air Units

Mobile Air Units

Mobile Air Units are a great option for moving room-to-room in occupied areas where the risk of infection is high. Citra offers SANITAIRE RSM2680 Mobile Air Sanitizer for this purpose.

Mobile UV Surface Units

Mobile UV Surface Units

Mobile UV Surface Units units provide a convenient means to disinfect surfaces in rooms where a more permanent solution isn’t viable. Citra offers a variety of mobile UV units for surface disinfection, including:

  • Remedial In-Room Decontamination System (RIDS)
  • SENTRY MOBILE SERIES (M4, M1, M2-T, and M2-C)
  • Sanidyne® Ultraviolet Portable Area Sanitizers
HVAC Units

HVAC Units

Incorporating UV technology into HVAC units offers a variety of benefits, such as:

  • Reducing energy costs by cleaning coils, which restores heat transfer efficiency and net cooling capacity
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • UVC irradiation effectively deactivates mold, bacteria, and viruses

Citra offers a variety of HVAC products, such as:

  • Rapid Install Kit – RIK®
  • SEN Series
  • Enhanced Single Ended Series (ESE)
  • Unitary Kit for Air Conditioners
  • Enhanced UVC Kit
  • Unitary Kit for Smaller Air Handlers
Handheld Units

Handheld Units

Handheld UV units facilitate spot disinfection where necessary. Citra distributes the following handheld units:

  • Biolux Germicidal UV Lamp Fixtures
  • Professional Cordless Electrostatic Backpack Sprayer
  • Professional Cordless Electrostatic Handheld Sprayer
  • Cleanse® Tote
  • SterilWand™
  • Hand-Held UVC Emitter™
UV Robots

UV Robots

UV robots provide a smart, mobile, and autonomous method for continuous disinfection of key areas. At Citra, we offer the Yezhik UVD disinfection robot to help facilities augment their existing cleaning and disinfection processes.

UV Disinfection Products from Citra

Citra offers a comprehensive catalog of UV disinfection products for use in a range of applications across industries, including medical, food service, food processing, manufacturing, residential and commercial uses, and much more. To see how our UV disinfection products can help improve safety and sanitization in your operation.

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