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Adaptive Energy Case Study

Adaptive Energy Case Study

Adaptive Energy Case Study


Adaptive Energy is a manufacturer of portable fuel cells for various industries. The manufacturing space consisted of (144) 400w MH high bay fixtures over the main area. Secondary areas had 8’ continuous strips with (2) 8’ T12 lamps. Generally, light levels were sufficient but these fixtures consumed a lot of energy and required quite a bit of maintenance. The office and lab spaces consisted of 2×4 troffers with (3) T8 lamps each. The exterior lighting was 400w MH for parking lot area heads, 250w wall packs, and 400w flood-lights.


Citra’s team went to work and analyzed several different options for each of the areas. All options were presented to the management of Adaptive Energy and they were very shocked at the level of savings that could be achieved. Citra’s engineered solution for the plant replaced the existing (144) 400w MH high bays with (66) 88w high bays. These new premium fixtures are a very high efficacy fixture with an ultra long rated life. It made sense to go with such a fixture due to the long run hours and significant reduction in energy that could be achieved. This resulted in an outstanding 91% energy reduction while improving light levels by 10%. The 8’ continuous strips were retrofitted with a lensed retrofit kit, which provided a clean finished look and produced light, which is 30% brighter with significantly superior distribution. Energy went from 246w per 8’ section to just 54w. This is a 78% reduction in energy consumption. The existing T12 lamps had a rated life of 12,000 hours. The new retrofit has a rated life of 100,000 hours. The office troffers were retrofitted with a troffer door kit. These provide a new look, superior lighting distribution, and an 83% energy reduction with a 100,000 hour rated life. The exterior 400w MH area heads were replaced with 75w area heads with a lumens/watt rating of 175. This increased the light levels significantly while dropping the energy consumption by 84%. The 175w wall packs were replaced with a 50w wall pack, which raised light levels considerably. The existing 400w flood-lights were replaced with 165w flood lights to dramatically increase light levels for exterior dock areas.

Citra’s solutions don’t stop at lighting. Citra has a myriad of funding solutions to fit the unique needs of each of it’s clients. Adaptive Energy took advantage of the Citra / Constellation EME Program which provides on-bill funding of the entire lighting modernization project. The project cost was $135,000 for which Adaptive Energy invested zero dollars upfront, actually makes $1693.00 per month for (60) months, and then owes nothing at the end of the term. In essence, Adaptive Energy never invests a single penny into the lighting modernization project and earns $101,580 over the (60) month term.


Adaptive Energy’s existing lighting created a situation for massive savings. Citra’s experienced team of experts furthered these savings by showing management how utilizing ultra high efficacy premium fixtures provide for maximum savings. Overall energy savings exceeded 80% providing an improvement in quality of lighting and optimized light levels.

Employees of Adaptive Energy have experienced dramatically improved working conditions with increased visual acuity, enhanced safety, and an overall more comfortable environment.