Lighting Design

No Project Is The Same

In a heavily commoditized industry, we take a different approach to lighting projects, focusing on lighting design, fixture engineering, and the specific needs of our clients.

Citra provides guidance through every step of the process from initial audit or design through installation.

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Maximum Energy Savings That Last

Utilizing extensive, research-based knowledge of LED technology, we begin every project with a blank slate and custom-craft lighting programs that provide maximum value and energy savings that last.

We go beyond the payback period and look at the lifecycle of each product. Our goal is to bring you long-term savings, not just a cut in energy costs upfront.

Highly-Vetted Manufacturer Partners

At Citra, we continuously analyze new products from a variety of LED manufacturers and only represent and specify products from those that meet our consistently stringent quality standards.

All of our partners are well-established and provide ground-up design to ensure product longevity and reductions in wattage.

Benefits Of LED Lighting From Citra:

  • Energy Savings of 50-70%
  • Virtually Eliminate Maintenance
  • Long Life (50-100,000 hrs. – or more)
  • Durability
  • Rapid Cycling
  • Controllability
  • No IR/UV Emission
  • No Hazardous Materials