Lighting Retrofits

The need for an environment-friendly lighting technology has brought about a positive revolution in the field of lighting technologies. This revolution has resulted in a lighting retrofit. Lighting retrofits are upgrades made to your lighting technology to make it more energy efficient with less overhead. According to the Center for Building Performance and Diagnostics at Carnegie Mellon University, some lighting retrofits can help you save up to 85% of lighting consumption.
Lighting retrofit can be as simple as changing your old flickering fluorescent lamps to a whiter and better T8 lamps. With lighting retrofit, Citra will fully analyze your facility and create a custom package that is best suited for you.
While lighting retrofit projects can be costly, regardless of the size of your property, you will save more on your energy consumption, plus a reduction on maintenance. Many states even offer utility rebates for lighting retrofits.

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Considering the switch to LED lighting?

If you have an office building or parking lot with lighting fixtures that are 5-10 years old or more, then lighting retrofit would be a smart choice. Keeping these old lighting fixtures would only mean costly maintenance and energy consumption.
Lighting retrofits also reduces the heat emitted or the “light pollution” caused by LED lights. So, if you own a rental apartment or building and your tenants have complained about the discomfort caused by your flickering LED light fixtures, then you might just need to retrofit your lights.
Your utility provider and vendor can help you assist in calculating the amount you can save with lighting retrofit. You can also visit the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency (DSIRE) to check rebates you could get with lighting retrofit in your state.