Citra Technology

Including sensors and control technologies enables Citra’s LED lighting to become an all-sensing network, collecting data and applying analytics and insights required to improve productivity and performance. Citra’s IoT system combines data from the connected network with the vital systems of a building to provide data intelligence so that it can respond appropriately in real time via controls, maximizing long-term energy savings. Our centralized control boards ensure limitless service opportunities through our dynamic LED technology. This leads to greater output and competitiveness for your company in various settings creating new sources of efficiency. Citra provides optimized designs and the technology required for achieving a high degree of energy security and profitability.

Citra Technology

Ambient Intelligence (IoT)
Citra consults, specifies, designs, installs, and commissions 24/7/365, lighting-based IoT systems according to your objectives, facility layouts, and energy initiatives.

You will benefit from:

Increased Energy Savings By Granular Control Of Lighting
Our IoT platforms provide maximum control over lighting systems and the highest energy savings (an additional 15-35%) through the granular control of every light fixture.

HVAC-Related Energy Savings Across Your Entire Facility
By integrating temperature data from your sensor network to BMS or AI/machine learning devices, we can provide you with savings from your HVAC systems.

Space Utilization
Citra’s ambient intelligent solutions can help you analyze your space usage by viewing heat trails of your visitors and employees. This can save you thousands of dollars.

Historic Occupancy And Toot Traffic Controls
Occupant-based HVAC control dials back temp settings in unoccupied areas and reduce your fresh air intake to obtain substantial savings.

Business Intelligence And BMS Integration
Use real-time data to identify operating process improvements and additional areas for energy savings.


  • Real-Time Location Services (RLTS)
  • Space Utilization Studies
  • Occupancy-Based HVAC Control
  • Increased Safety & Security
  • Wayfinding

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