Lighting Controls

As an independent technology integration and implementation firm, we consult with all of our clients on their specific projects to offer lighting controls to provide more savings and streamlined utility costs facility-wide.

Exploring a full scope of options, we will test, evaluate, and install lighting controls that meet your project requirements and energy goals.

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Additional Energy Savings of 10-25% (or more)

We implement lighting controls which typically add 10-25% (or more) additional savings on top of LED savings.

Increased Lamp/Fixture Life

Our lighting sensors will help you to lengthen the life of your lighting products.

Automated And Accurate Controls With The Latest In Sensor Technology

After thoroughly analyzing your facilities, we will select the best in lighting sensor technology so that you can automate your lighting and have complete control over your lighting utility costs.

Wireless System For Ease Of Install

All lighting sensors are interconnected on a wireless system to offer actionable insights and a seamless sensor experience.