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  • CSDP


Our Citra Solutions Development Process – CSDP – consists of five critical steps to ensure that your developed solution can help you achieve the optimal LED lighting solutions for your particular application.

  • 1. Lighting Audit

    This is the first step in all of our lighting design projects. During this audit, we will determine your long-term goals for your lighting and energy usage. In addition, we will capture your entire lighting setup, including the number of fixtures, lamps, and spaces.

  • 2. Data Organization & Analysis

    Our team will organize all of your facility’s data into our Proposal Development Software (PDS) to analyze your current lighting and energy usage situations as accurately as possible.

  • 3. Applications Engineering

    We will examine various manufacturers’ products and make selections based on a number of criteria including light output (lumens), fixture efficacy, LED quality, control adaptability, finish quality, optical control methods, and more.

  • 4. Detailed Project Economics

    This is when we will evaluate your current fixture and the new proposed solutions in a detailed economics analysis which includes:

    Project Cost / Product Cost / Installation Cost / Rebates and Incentives / Energy Savings /   Maintenance Savings / Payback Period / ROI/ NPV / 10 Year Cash-Flow Summary  Total KwH  /   Current vs. Total KwH New / Cost of Waiting / Bill of Materials

  • 5. Detailed Proposal

    Citra will provide you with a detailed proposal outlining every step of the process and explaining why particular fixtures, sensors, and/or other ambient technologies were chosen over others for your specific project.

    Consequently, you will have complete transparency into what the project will look like and what the results will be.


Citra is not your everyday, low-cost provider.

If your goal is to obtain the best lighting for your facility with the highest product longevity and quality – not just whatever product has the lowest price – we are your solution.

A Focus On Costs VS. Prices

When considering a lighting solution, many companies begin with the price of the products.

Price includes what you pay now and the return on your investment that you earn with the LED lighting solutions you choose.

But neglecting the costs can hurt businesses’ bottom lines.

Costs can include what you end up paying later due to a poor investment decision. This includes loss of money, a loss of time, or usually both.

That’s why, at Citra, we focus on the longevity of all of the solutions we evaluate and install, going far beyond a simple product payback and looking at a year-by-year cash-flow analysis so you know what you are paying for.

In the end, we provide you with a tailored report and unbiased recommendations based on your specific project.


So, maybe you’re thinking about doing an LED upgrade or even implementing a facility-wide, IoT-based lighting system.

Now you have to decide who to work with.

The industry is full of companies touting themselves as LED manufacturers or agnostic solutions providers, so it can be hard to choose.

You’ve probably been bombarded by calls and emails from companies like these who claim to offer LED lighting at low prices, with quick availability and good warranties.

So, which manufacturer should you partner with? Which solutions should you implement? Which fixtures should you use?

Use this guide to learn more about Citra and our competitors so you can choose the right option for you.

With Citra, you can count on…

  • 1. Custom-Crafted Projects And Solutions.

    We start off every project with a blank slate so that we can design a solution that is custom-crafted for you and your facilities, whereas other companies in the industry offer a cookie-cutter approach to lighting, treating every company as the same regardless of their situation.

  • 2. Thorough Testing And Analyses To Find The Best Products For You.

    Many LED manufacturers and distributors offer little to no investigation as to what product line may provide the best outcome in any situation.

    We do the opposite. Our process involves product research, testing of products on computer models which are developed in-house, and a detailed evaluation of the pros and cons of each.

  • 3. Multiple Solutions To Meet Your Project Specifications.

    Other LED companies out there typically push a single product line and are focused more on closing a sale than consulting on the specific project needs of their clients.

    On the other hand, Citra always examines multiple solutions and never tries to make something work when it is not meant for the application.

  • 4. A Realistic Timeframe To Prepare An In-Depth Proposal.

     Citra’s competitors usually provide a quick turnaround to supply customers with proposals, using rough estimates, little research, and no applications engineering whatsoever.

    But we don’t sacrifice quality for quick turnarounds. We know that our solutions take time to develop, so the turnaround time can last several weeks depending on the size of the project.

    As a result, you will benefit from a detailed proposal that shows every aspect of the potential project.

  • 5. Research- And Technology-Focused Culture.

    Many LED companies have an inadequate knowledge of lighting design fundaments and are not up-to-speed on the latest innovations and how to apply them.

    Meanwhile, Citra’s seasoned team has a deep knowledge of product lines from hundreds of manufacturers and is well-versed in cutting-edge technologies and their applications.

  • 6. A Focus On Driving Maximum Value To Clients.

    While other LED companies only focus on price and payback, Citra focuses on giving our clients the most value out of their lighting solutions, not necessarily the lowest price.

  • In Short, Citra Is Different.

    What makes us stand out is our approach, process, and understanding of LED technology and lighting design principles.

    If you are looking for a quality partner who understands the technology, has applications expertise, can develop a custom-crafted solution, and can offer you maximum value and savings, why not give Citra a try?

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