Our Citra Solutions Development Process – CSDP – consists of five critical steps to ensure that your developed solution can help you achieve the optimal LED lighting solutions for your particular application.

Lighting Audit

This is the first step in all of our lighting design projects. During this audit, we will determine your long-term goals for your lighting and energy usage. In addition, we will capture your entire lighting setup, including the number of fixtures, lamps, and spaces.

Data Organization & Analysis

Our team will organize all of your facility’s data into our Proposal Development Software (PDS) to analyze your current lighting and energy usage situations as accurately as possible.

Applications Engineering

We will examine various manufacturers’ products and make selections based on a number of criteria including light output (lumens), fixture efficacy, LED quality, control adaptability, finish quality, optical control methods, and more.

Detailed Project Economics

This is when we will evaluate your current fixture and the new proposed solutions in a detailed economics analysis which includes:

  • Project Cost
  • Product Cost
  • Installation Cost
  • Rebates and Incentives
  • Energy Savings
  • Maintenance Savings
  • Payback Period
  • ROI
  • NPV
  • 10 Year Cash-Flow Summary  Total KwH
  • Current vs. Total KwH New
  • Cost of Waiting
  • Bill of Materials

Detailed Proposal

Citra will provide you with a detailed proposal outlining every step of the process and explaining why particular fixtures, sensors, and/or other ambient technologies were chosen over others for your specific project.

You will have complete transparency into what the project will look like and what the results will be.