Parking Lots and Garages

Citra’s LED lighting will make your parking garage lighting space safer, more secure and eco-friendly. These provide bright, consistent lighting and minimized shadows which help improve the visibility of drivers and pedestrians in these areas. Our LED technology provides energy efficiency and reduces running and maintenance costs. A safe parking garage needs to be well lit 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, potentially spiking energy bills. Citra’s LED parking garage lighting will provide safe and secure lighting while, in the long run, providing significant cost savings.

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Lighting Retrofits

Energy Savings

Citra’s LED light fixtures are energy efficient, which helps to reduce energy bills significantly.
This can save you money in the long run in comparison to the use of other light fixtures.
Our LEDs are durable and produce a higher amount of light (lumens) per unit of power (watt) – thus, less electricity is used to attain full luminosity. In making the transition from HID to LED, customers can expect to see a reduction in energy consumption of 40% and 60%.This implies, from a financial perspective, that your facility could save up to $300 per unit, every year, on energy costs alone. Completely enclosed and partially enclosed parking garages are assumed to require 16-24 hours of lighting and are attributed to the use of energy by 30-60% of the parking structures, which means a great saving for your business. On average, a parking garage light fixture upgraded to a 50W or less LED light would save the owner of the building about $120 in energy costs per annum. This adds up to about $30,000 in energy savings per year in a garage which has 250 lights. Another advantage of Citra’s LED is the substantial savings created by low maintenance costs. LEDs use semiconductors to produce light and thus their light intensity slowly decreases over time. LEDs have a very long lifetime because of the way they are designed, meaning you don’t have to replace the bulbs for years. LED lights from Citra generate less heat and decrease the chance of failure. To service or change parking lot lights, electricians and electrical contractors use bucket trucks or lifts. But because LEDs have such long lifespans, every now and then they don’t need to be serviced. You’ll be saving money that you’d spend paying electrical contractors to maintain or preserve the lights.


Citra’s LED lighting technology is ideal for improving safety. This improved lighting also helps consumers to see uneven areas, irregular surfaces, curbs, speed bumps, and other features that may cause incidents of slip or trip-and-fall. Reduced crime and falls reduces the chance of criminal victimization and dropping injuries resulting from consumer litigation. Bad lighting is a common cause why garage owners and parking lots are forced to pay for damages in such cases. Clean, white reflective walls and ceiling surfaces further enhance the above benefits. This disperses light and raises luminance overall. Additionally, the correct choice of paint or surface treatment can repel dirt and soot buildup, which can diminish garage lighting over time. LEDs can provide improved color representation, which allows people to see improvements and also helps make camera footage clearer for surveillance. Expect improved visibility in and around parking lots and garages with lighting equal to or greater than HID lamps. No need to think about heavy shadows or being unable to clearly see any of the parked vehicles.
Two other benefits you’ll reap from LED parking garage lighting are lower energy bills from LED’s high energy efficiency, and lower maintenance costs from LED’s long service life. LED fixtures create a safer environment for parking lots and garages. It also creates visually consistent lighting, ensuring that the lot is evenly lit.


Citra’s LED technology provides high quality lighting with significant energy savings, especially when combined with lighting controls. Some of the main benefits of LED lighting is its ability to accurately track the light when and where it is most required. Indoor and outdoor lighting controls allow effective handling of multiple applications. Whether it is a whole parking lot or a parking garage, lighting controls will help you achieve energy efficiency, increase productivity and give you valuable insight into your operations. If you are searching for network lighting controls or individual stand-alone lighting controls, Citra has an effective solution for you.

Throughout the manufacturing cycle, specialists at Citra integrate lighting controls seamlessly into our fixtures. Wireless systems also switch on fixtures in front of pedestrians and vehicles to improve protection, rather than only turning on fixtures in currently occupied areas. Multiple time-out times for the occupancy may also be set depending on the time of day and day of the week. Energy can be that by 72% and 65% during off-peak hours respectively. Due to potential energy savings, maintenance savings and the possibility of connecting with other building systems, you can’t really afford to miss out on what possibilities you might make with new LED lighting combined with lighting controls.

The days of people having to walk around buildings to switch off unused lights are coming to an end, now that Citra’s LED lighting interconnects with intelligent long distance lighting controls. The lighting controls are paired with efficient LED lighting to provide an effective ROI. Combined with Citra’s LED lighting, lighting control systems can help garages and parking lots also achieve their stringent eco-friendly sustainability of resources. Minimum energy-efficient design and construction standards which focus on global benefits such as reducing total energy consumption, increasing cost savings and minimizing adverse environmental effects.


Parking lot lighting provides security for your employees, visitors and customers. Providing optimized lighting makes sure people feel secure enough to walk to and from their vehicles. In the process of designing parking lot LED lighting, various lighting fixtures, delivery patterns, light pollution and variables of lighting need to be taken into account. Parking lots, parking garages and parking areas all require lighting when people are active in the area.

Different lighting levels, patterns of distribution, light pollution, and type of lighting needs to be taken into account when providing parking lot lighting. Parking lot lighting makes visibility simple, precise and comfortable at night. Parking lot lighting also protects, encourages and enhances safety for vehicles and pedestrians. By having good exposure, it also offers social and economic benefits including:

  • Citra’s LED lights offer business and social meeting places to feel secure and safe when staying open later in the evening.
  • Citra’s LED lights offer aid security and protection of police in illuminated garages and lots.
  • Citra’s LED lights optimize the safety and security of employees and visitors.

These parking lots require sufficient lighting to ensure safety and security for people coming and going from their vehicles. Good lighting decreases theft and vandalism levels, providing a 24/7 sense of security. Parking garages are one of the top locations for theft and vandalism, because they are considered to have limited lighting and poor visibility in other locations. Driven lighting fixtures provide much better lighting to help minimize incidents and improve health. Ensuring plenty of lighting inside parking garages can assist with safety and have fewer dark spaces between vehicles.

The feeling of safety and protection improves when walking through a well-lit parking lot with uniform lighting and no big, dark areas. Uniformity provides greater visual aid and does not put too much pressure on the eyes. Uniformity also needs to be taken into consideration when planning a solar parking lot project. IES specifications vary from one parking lot to the next. Large shopping center parking lots and hospitals need a different light level than rural, suburban and other parking lots. Also, different cities and towns have their own set of standards which go beyond what IES standards are. This additional flexibility enables much less power to be used, less lumen and better overall lighting and uniformity.

Ambient Intelligence IoT

Citra’s IoT system will dramatically reduce energy usage, headaches, discomfort and costs associated with maintaining and re-lamping lights in parking/garage lots. Our IoT system relies on connected dashboards to boost network and atmospheric efficiency. Citra’s IoT-enabled LED lighting system for underground parking garage and parking lots is fitted with an intelligent sensor that automatically adjusts the preset illuminance of each LED light by sensing ambient brightness and movement, reducing energy by up to 90% compared to fluorescent lights.
Parking garages and spaces that utilize Citra’s IoT can mitigate various issues effectively. Real-time monitoring of accessible parking spaces decreases traffic congestion and emissions, and decreases the time and distance taken to park, increasing mobility. Citra’s IoT also helps cities simplify processes that could be time-consuming or costly. Such technologies can constantly track parking restrictions, such as distribution zones or spaces with disabilities, and enforce proper regulation such as clarification or a violation. The improved overall management obtained by CItra’s IoT devices leads to a comprehensive strategy which can significantly improve decision-making and operations.