Citra’s LED lighting fixtures are renowned for their durability, long-term savings, and energy conservation. The advantages of LED lighting, however, are not limited to those in buildings or workplaces. Installing high- LED lighting has been shown to create a safe work atmosphere and improve workplace efficiency. According to research by the lighting department of Pacific Gas and Electric Company and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, sophisticated lighting systems in combination with different energy efficiency techniques will usually produce a 40-80% overall lighting energy savings in office buildings.
These are very interesting and impressive benefits of LED lighting in industrial areas. Energy usage is the single largest operational cost in commercial office buildings, accounting for around one-third of traditional operating budgets and accounting for about 20 percent of the country’s annual greenhouse gas emissions. By being more energy efficient through Citra LED technology, companies will reduce running costs, increase the valuation of facility properties and improve their workers ‘comfort. Given the fast rate of progress and the introduction of new LED technology, the market for LED lights demand is growing everyday.

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Lighting Retrofits

Proper lighting is important for efficiency in the office, which also influences the vision, attitude and productivity of workers. Studies have shown that noise and insufficient illumination limits efficiency on a regular basis. By opting for Citra’s LED flights that imitate natural light and have higher CRI, business owners worldwide are enhancing employee productivity and creating the perfect work environment.


Citra’s LED technology offers effective energy efficiency and innovative design options with the introduction of integrated controls and tuning.
Sensors are incorporated directly into the fixture or luminaire with certain commands. This allows for precise calculation of energy and lumen production, thus independently monitoring different fixtures. Integrated controls also allow many separate control techniques to operate in unison — for example, occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting, and personal dimming may all be deployed at once to achieve optimum performance.
Integrated controls help companies achieve and surpass ever stricter energy code standards with strong visual and energy efficiency, from simple to complex. Prepackaged implementations also automate and maximize the phase of complying with the specification.
By carefully choosing Citra’s LED technology with its intelligent lighting control systems, better illumination, increased performance and the maximum spectrum of benefits from human-centered light design and flexibility may all be accomplished at affordable costs.


Due to variables varying from aesthetics to occupancy styles to precise job criteria, the lighting design is complex. Combining daylighting and artificial illumination decreases difficulty, however it improves comfort of the user and reduces running costs.

When developing the lighting control device, Citra’s lighting experts believe that understanding of the area and environment where the controls are to be used is essential. The fact that a room has windows to provide sunshine or a low occupancy rate will influence the form of controls that are used in the area. In addition, the definition of the function of the facility, whether it is a classroom, laboratory or executive office, will often influence how lighting controls are used.

Regulation of lighting is a key feature of every construction management program. Communication, air conditioning, daylight regulation and artificial lighting systems are centrally and locally controlled, rendering building management more effective and boosting efficiency. Citra’s modern lighting control systems are optimized for full management, providing for multiple lighting fixtures and a high degree of ease for operators.

Ambient Intelligence (IoT)

Support employee efficiency and reduce wasted time with Citra’s IoT technology.
Our technology uses analytics to see where and how people tend to work, opening your eyes to energy and space savings opportunities, as well as improvements in productivity. Citra’s IoT allows for improved productivity in building and optimizes the space needed to construct a sustainable smart office.

An office space is a bustling environment full of processes and people. Improvement and new value can be realized in all these fields through energy management, layout optimisation, simplified procedures, and manual task automation. Citra’s IoT platform will help those involved in the operations of the office area operate a more effective and productive office. IoT-based LED technology can also real-time synchronize the HVAC systems with the office environment. It enables our technology to track your workspace’s air quality, maintaining it at an ideal level. In combination with temperature meters, these technologies allow you both to maintain a steady and comfortable temperature and also to lower your power consumption thus, saving your company money. This predictive maintenance IoT technology helps employees optimize their workload, improvise customer satisfaction and overall efficiency.