Be a community leader by switching to Citra’s LED lighting. Townships, districts, cities, counties, agencies, and correctional facilities are continually searching for ways to provide their neighborhoods with sustainable alternatives and enhance the efficiency of the facilities. Citra’s LED lighting can help direct you along the way.

Citra’s LED lighting solutions not only pave the way for cost savings for customers, but also give communities the ability to enjoy the same benefits and more. This LED technology’s development isn’t limited to cost savings; it also provides improved illumination than the bygone period street lights. Citra’s LED technology provides a wide variety of benefits, starting from a higher quality spectrum to a more centered light beam; from being able to follow ambient lighting conditions and not attract bugs. The upside of this technology is that these municipalities will see substantial reductions in operating costs.

Citra’s LED lighting fixtures come with sensors that are part of its wider IoT network. They include interactive data nodes that relay information to their respective city halls in real time, and even emergency responders if appropriate. This smart LED system is capable of monitoring traffic movement, being dimmer or clearer to assist first responders in times of emergency.

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Lighting Retrofits

Energy Saving

Citra’s LED lighting, when combined with other electronic communications tools, can become part of a more complex dashboard that works itself. Citra’s LED technology automatically adapts to the environment and tracks its own work according to nearby infrastructure. It is all possible thanks to the sophisticated sensors which carry the fixtures. The benefits of Citra LED lighting aren’t only immediate but can be sustainable with proper implementation to help communities save on human capital and energy for decades to come. Citra’s LED lights are up to 70% more energy efficient than traditional luminaires. Simply using Citra LED luminaires will provide better quality lighting, lower energy use and rising CO2 emissions. Price reductions would help relieve the municipalities’ financial pressure with tight fiscal budgets and high energy bills burdening them. Instead, cities investing in street LED lighting from Citra can take the savings and invest in other facilities such as sanitation, hospitals or public health services. Municipalities are gradually starting to understand that the advantages provided by Citra’s LED outshine our competition in spectacular terms.


Investing in a project to transform LED street lights has benefits beyond reducing costs. Since street lights with LEDs have a greater effectiveness than previous lighting choices, they result in lower carbon emissions when performing the same function. Thanks to the enhanced optical regulation of Citra’s LED street lights, less light is directed into the night sky, reducing the light emission. Observers also believe the light from an LED street light has a better rendering of colour. Citra’s LED design offers greater perceived protection from a public safety perspective, and has been reported to reduce crime rates. In addition, vandal-related maintenance costs for LED lights are minimized as their components are more durable than conventional street lights with high pressure sodium. At the same time, studies have shown that efficient street lighting can reduce crime by up to 20% and road accidents by up to 35%.

Uniformly spaced street lighting from Citra’ LEDs provides a clearer view of the road ahead, optimizing experiences for motorists and pedestrians. Our LED illumination efficiency design is a significant enhancement to traditional lighting. A higher CRI or color rendering index, which closely resembles natural light, distinguishes the light generation in Citra LED’s. This translates into improved lighting for roads and sidewalks, particularly on slight variations and contrast shifts on their surfaces. Citra’s LED luminaires can be mixed and balanced to produce uniform light, eliminating dark spots and shadows usually due to high pressure sodium street lights or metal halide street lights.

Ambient Intelligence IoT

Citra’s IoT provides a solution where several technologies work together, allowing data to be collected and transmitted to the cloud via wired or wireless networks from a variety of sensors and monitors. Data is analyzed and automated systems are built to make the distribution of urban capital to communities more liveable, safe and efficient and effective. This collection of data can also be made available as a way to connect with residents and provide a lot of knowledge about city life — pollution levels, traffic congestion, and public transport statistics. Citra LED lights offer greater perceived protection from a public safety perspective, and have been reported to reduce crime rates. In addition, vandal-related maintenance costs for Citra’s LED street lights are minimized as their components are more reliable than conventional high-pressure sodium street lights.

Citra’s connected IoT and LED lays the groundwork for the proliferation of new, energy-efficient street lighting systems offering the ability to expand on a connected and safe city lighting network with a growing array of data-enabled products and services. Implementing a Citra IoT connected system with a centralized management system (CMS) would bring immediate benefits to cities by enabling city managers to track and control lighting resources remotely.