Manufacturing plants and facilities are highly dependent on a well lit area for their employees. LED lighting can play a pivotal role for the manufacturing industry as it can produce light at different levels all the while helping lowering consumption and maintenance costs. As LED lighting experts, Citra provides quality lighting fixtures and controls that are built to last.

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Lighting Retrofits

Energy Saving

By retrofitting the current lighting system with an energy-efficient LED solution, your facility can save up to 80% on energy costs. These savings are so significant that a new LED network could be funded with the profits of the original lights themselves with the energy cost. Citra’s LED fixtures help reduce the total CO2 footprint of a manufacturing or industrial facility by lowering gross kWh usage, while reducing transport emissions with the need for source and recycling bulbs. Manufacturing and industrial plants around the globe are witnessing a cost savings of up to 85% and an extended lifetime of up to 60,000 hours of their lighting. LEDs are energy-efficient and intended to last for years, effectively removing the need for intermittent repairs to replace burned-out bulbs and the resulting direct and indirect costs. In comparison, unlike their harsh fluorescent counterparts, LED lights can be set in different ways to emit light. As a result, our LED technology is able to illuminate different working cells while making other regions colder than light.

Worker Productivity

The cornerstone of your entire business operations is your factory or delivery center, the location where you finish tasks and execute contracts. Efficiency and profitability at a manufacturing or industrial plant are essential. For the workers to be effective, they must be alert and responsive to the environment in which they complete their daily work tasks. Productivity in the warehouse is strongly linked to good lighting in the space. Poorly lit environments can lead to mistakes, injuries, reduced efficiency and increased running costs. A well-lit factory allows companies to combat all these detrimental impacts, resulting in greater efficiency, lower running costs and thus higher income. A basic knowledge of the factory lighting requirements is essential to achieving positive outcomes. Build a healthy working atmosphere for your staff, and take your business with Citra to the next level.


Many operating conditions are dangerous, causing injuries and deaths each year. Hard helmets, eye guards, safety equipment, guardrails and various work strategies are used to combat these issues. However, the very core of those protective steps is healthy lighting. Work-safety without being able to see visibility in bright light is unlikely.

Providing a brightly illuminated work area conflicts with the economics with older technologies. The reason for that is their inefficiency in energy. On the other hand, Citra’s LEDs generate less excess heat, and hence provide bright illumination without large bills of electricity every month. LED light is unidirectional, ensuring that much of it goes right where it’s needed: in the workspace.

Accurate perception of color is important in manufacturing and industrial production environments. It is for this reason that the colors of the alert signs are chosen and are important. For starters, the colors red and yellow are widely used for danger signs. Lighting that distorts true colors diminishes certain signs’ efficacy. The control panels also depend on color visibility. Emergency stop buttons are usually colored red and the presence of colour shifting makes it impossible to locate them in an emergency situation. LEDs produce a white light that imitates natural sunlight and thereby provides true color rendering in any space. Citra’s LEDs are safer, last longer, and respond better to shaking than glass bulbs and tube lighting. They don’t blow out all of a sudden on a whim. This means you can always rely on our light fixtures to provide your workspace with optimized light environments.


Several components are involved in making an effective and efficient manufacturing or industrial facility and that is good lighting. Citra’s LED well illuminated lighting in any manufacturing or industrial factory will keep employees healthier, efficient, and productive.
There is a level of rivalry unparalleled in today’s global market and manufacturing and industrial plants need to keep prices down in order to guarantee their success. Outdated lighting can consume massive quantities of energy and entail regular, costly replacement of the bulbs. Less money spent on running costs ensures higher net revenues, and goods that provide better efficiency while maintaining plant electricity and low maintenance costs are a perfect investment.
Poorly designed and places light levels can make it difficult for employees to do their jobs, or even sometimes harmful. Many activities carried out on the floor of manufacturing or industrial facilities need considerable attention to detail. Furthermore, health in a production plant is of paramount significance and staff must have sufficient lighting to prevent any possible hazards from taking place. Manufacturing facilities also have high ceilings, so light fixtures must be sufficiently powerful to reach and illuminate the floor. Finally, the circumstances of an urban area manufacturing or industrial facility are worse than those of, say, a shopping centre or a gymnasium of middle school. Citra’s LED technology is highly durable to survive extreme environments


Networked control systems for Citra’s LED technology are equipped for data communication. Sensor input and manual overrides are transmitted to light fixture controls and then sent to native output commands to power controllers for the building. For years, lighting controls have been a staple in modern buildings around the world, and new control technologies allowed by Citra’s LED lighting find broad application. Provided that all lighting has to be controlled, controls are usually the correct option and what remains is to determine the best controls for the particular task at hand. The ultimate choice is Citra LED technology as it uses data to maximize energy savings and flexibility, but also to promote light quality and produce operational intelligence that can be user-friendly.
Mistakes To Avoid
In the past, operational budget lighting might not be the biggest cost, but its efficiency affects every aspect of your facility — from production, health to sustainability.
Industrial and manufacturing settings require stricter safety regulations that are not found in typical workplace or business environments: long ceilings, wide, open spaces, high temperatures, just to name just a few. Overall, it can be tempting to cut corners or rush an upgrade to your lighting in your facility. However, hurrying through the process without thoroughly knowing all the required decisions will leave you with a less than satisfactory workplace. Contact Citra today if you want to make the facility more energy efficient, reduce electricity usage and maintenance costs and improve profitability. Our LED technology delivers guaranteed performance and we’ll work with you every step of the way to manage each phase of the project.

Ambient Intelligence IoT

Citra’s IoT advancements have sparked a transformation in the manufacturing industry in terms of operational performance, supply chain management, asset tracking, and security. The effect of Citra’s IoT on the production space is a very profound one. The statistics further affirm how tremendous IoT declarations are in the manufacturing sector. Citra’s IoT technology has played a pivotal role in proliferating these market trends, allowing seamless integration of all control devices and systems, and ensuring an efficient operating cycle. Citra’s IoT has set in motion the introduction of a broad range of improvements based on decentralizing control of output and optimizing industrial productivity.

Citra’s IoT emergence in the manufacturing sector has resulted in a renewed environment of communication, where every process is interconnected. With a better service channel and improved product efficiency, Citra’s paradigm shift in occupational interlinking has allowed manufacturers to optimize their operations in a more unified and consistent way with greater efficiency, easier operation and lower operating costs.