At Citra we recognize that there are two goals for your hotels, motels and resorts: customer satisfaction. Citra provides an ideal balance for you. Our LED lighting provides the hospitality industry with a far more efficient platform over incandescent and fluorescent lighting, with eco-friendly technology, maintenance and energy efficiency and optimized comfort.

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Lighting Retrofits


A major factor to consider when selecting LEDs for hotels, motels and resorts is the overall cost. While the upfront costs of LEDs are higher than traditional light bulbs, the significant long-term cost savings and other benefits reduce the long-term budget needed to accommodate the design. Citra’s LED light fixtures offer long life and energy efficiency. They are 70-80% more efficient than conventional light sources and can be combined with daylight harvesting controls and motion sensors for further energy savings. According to the EPA, hotels spend 2,196 per available room each year on energy, representing about 6% of all operating costs. Improved operating income translates to higher asset value for owners. Cost reductions through energy efficiency are quantifiable and can be described using key financial metrics, such as revenue per available room (RevPAR) or the equivalent increase to the ADR. By replacing outdated lighting systems with Citra’s lightning technology, property managers can maintain, and even enhance, lighting levels using fewer lamps and lower wattages. Through a strategic approach to energy efficiency, a 10 percent reduction in energy consumption would have the same financial effect as increasing the average daily room rate (ADR) by $0.62 in limited-service hotels and by $1.35 in full-service hotels. As nearly all hotels have felt the effects of recent economic slowdowns, it’s become common practice for them to look into ways they can reduce their operating costs. By looking at these costs, it has been determined that to become more efficient with their use of power and lighting, choosing Citra’s LED light technology is the answer.


Inspire customer loyalty with optimized guest experience. Light control solutions from Citra’s incorporate sensors, advanced lighting and the convergence of devices to reimagine customer service and satisfaction. Raise the bar to service standards for hotels, motels and resorts detecting visitors, automatically changing lighting and room temperature to make them feel at home. Using an LED light control system, property managers can easily configure settings best suited for their facility. Plus, our LED control system makes your hotel, motel and resort more effective with the smart light control system dashboard that integrates with HVAC and other hotel management systems to provide visibility of the use of energy lighting and room occupancy in your hotel. Our clients have managed to nearly cut their energy costs by 75% and improve productivity by 20 percent by converting to our smart LED lighting system.

Citra’s light control system provides the ability to focus on the guest’s happiness, create an intimate atmosphere, highlight beautiful decorations, and ensure efficiency for the staff. Both of these will leave an unforgettable impression on visitors, an invaluable feature in the dynamic environment of today’s hotel, motel and resort industries. Technologically advanced business travelers can appreciate conference and meeting rooms that combine lighting, shades, and projectors seamlessly. Hotel workers can also make the most of versatile ballroom layouts, storage area safety lighting and easy-to-use control by switching to Citra.

Ambient Intelligence IoT

Citra’s user friendly IoT system improves heating and lighting efficiency at your hotel, motel or resort that tends to guests’ comfort. Citra’s IoT framework enables managers to track their entire property from a single dashboard by incorporating lighting, sensors, HVACs, and property management systems. The system’s technology enables its connection throughout the vicinity, so that information can be fed into everything from housekeeping to engineering systems in real time, helping to make the operations more effective.

Using data from occupancy sensors installed in guest rooms and information from property management systems, Citra’s IoT can automatically control systems, including HVAC and lighting, when rooms are unoccupied. Since this smart device also lets hotel staff know if a room is occupied, it allows them to respond more quickly to requests from visitors, offering valuable knowledge to improve guest service and maximize operational effectiveness.

One of the key operational benefits of Citra’s IoT System is energy savings. HVAC can consume more than half of a hotel’s energy use, especially when it is hot outside. By using vicinity-wide occupancy sensor data and information from different property management systems, Citra’s IoT will automatically shut down systems — like HVAC and lighting — when rooms are unoccupied. This helps managers to cut costs while ensuring rooms meet the needs of the guests. For your hotel, motel or casino, an intuitive room management program is the way forward. Citra’s IoT can be an efficient tool with proper implementation and design to improve customer loyalty and, ultimately, improve the company’s revenue.