LED lighting provides major benefits to grocery stores, whether you run a small grocery store in the community, a large regional or national chain. Merchandising trends are driving grocery stores to become much more energy-intensive as stores carry more fresh food items, regulations for food safety are tightening, and demand for packaged food is growing. Citra’s LED technology supports grocers by providing smart LED lighting solutions that can save up to 50% in energy costs and boost the appearance of merchandise. Citra’s IoT-connected sensors track and communicate data that can drive operational excellence and greater interaction with shoppers.

Whether you’re building a new retail store or updating an existing lighting system, revolutionary LED retail lighting solutions from Citra brighten and improve the displayed merchandise’s prominence, beauty and vibrancy. Area lighting will make customers feel safe and relaxed as they enter your shop, ensuring they walk through your doors with peace of mind.

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Lighting Retrofits

LED lighting designs offer incentives for employees, ranging from produce workers to cashiers to office managers. The optimized product attractiveness displayed under LED lighting makes it a good choice for grocery stores. LED lighting items in various areas contribute to the overall brand appeal and other advantages in the store. Citra’s designs generate less heat and less glare, adding to the grocery store shopping experience as well as health.

LED lighting in the cooler and frozen food aisle provides maximum illumination, while reducing energy consumption as well. One advantage of Citra LEDs is that they are used with motion sensors, which only light up when a shopper is detected by the sensors. LED lights are immediately on, and do not fade like fluorescent bulbs over time. Improving illumination, eliminating flickering & flashing lights and providing maximum color temperature all contribute to a better customer experience. Build a special experience with LED lights in our supermarket. With LED grocery lighting it’s possible to create a professional, safe and enjoyable grocery store for all guests.

Ambient Intelligence IoT

Citra provides an IoT framework that unifies the building management, including HVAC, lighting, and more — providing chain-wide visibility of energy usage and alerting you proactively to maintenance needs. Citra’s IoT can be deployed throughout the grocery store, available, scalable and safe, saving you time while your stores are saving money. Sensors for occupancy save resources but also help reduce maintenance costs by lengthening the relamping time. Occupancy sensors may be used to detect people, including around partitions and corners, in storage spaces, breakrooms, offices, and restrooms. This also helps with location information as it is one of the most valuable types of data a retailer can gather from its customers.

Today several businesses are forced to deal with various HVAC controls from different suppliers across their several locations in an attempt to reduce their energy consumption. This could pose obstacles for grocery stores looking to create a cohesive approach to managing smart operations. The solution is Citra’s automated IoT controls — providing the tools to change how multi-site energy management approaches grocery stores, using data analytics to improve energy efficiency. Our IoT platform unifies your building management including HVAC, lighting, and provides chain-wide visibility of energy use and proactively alerts you to maintenance needs. At Citra, our goal is to help you save time and energy, while your stores save money.