Citra offers adaptable integrated LED lighting for schools and educational facilities that not only save considerable sums of money on energy and maintenance costs, but can also boost student behaviour. These include; special needs schools, primary schools, middle schools, high schools, preschools, college and university, vocational and industrial colleges, private schools, and testing centers. Citra’s user-friendly LED lighting systems are available in a range of sizes and shapes to suit any area of the school’s lighting.

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Lighting Retrofits

Compared to fluorescent, incandescent or CFL bulbs, Citra’s LED ceiling light panels can reduce energy usage by up to 75% more. In addition, the need to maintain the lighting fixtures in schools and educational facilities is practically removed with an extended lifetime. Improvements in behavioral and educational results for schools from advanced LED lighting.

Bright white light keeps students up, making them more alert and attentive to the class. It can also improve attention, concentration and motivation. Not to mention, the concentration, attention and motivation increased. Citra’s LED lights for schools can be made warmer and dimmer manually at periods when the students need to feel more comfortable. Students also enhance learning outcomes and student/teacher satisfaction by reducing negative behaviours.

Schools have multi-use spaces that require different lighting at various times, or variable lighting. Citra’s LED lighting is user-friendly for the school managers. The system has controls that allow individual adjustment of the setting and dimmer for each light to match changing conditions, enabling people to reach optimum efficiency and relaxation.


Our lighting solutions provide controlled lighting for schools based on different activities carried out, such as reading time, lessons, and blackboard instruction. This includes extracurricular activities such as theatre, band, or performing arts, our lighting systems and controls can be equipped for any reason.

Citra also offers sports facilities and gymnasiums with LED and other lighting systems for school athletic programs and post-school curriculums. These state-of-the-art technologies, professionally built and implemented, create an enjoyable and healthy environment for every sporting activity.

Citra lighting complies with Institute of Education Sciences (IES) requirements, which include federal, state and local legislation. Our lighting solutions are simple to use and of course intuitive when paired with our various control options.


One big advantage of upgrading the lighting system to Citra LED lighting is improved efficiency and durability. The consumers use up to 65%less energy on average than fluorescent, incandescent and CFL bulbs and therefore reduce the load on air conditioning systems, further reducing energy costs. Those funds will be used for other school capital needs and new programs created for your district. LEDs last around 10 to 25 years, generating more savings by not buying and turning out obsolete fluorescent lamps.Whatever kind of lighting currently exists in schools can be replaced by Citra. In general, LEDs provide substantial energy savings and minimize the amount of maintenance needed for the lighting.

Ambient Intelligence (IoT)

Similarly, Citra’s IoT will boost things that compliment a solid education — things like surveillance through the use of climate control through the use of smart HVAC systems. Citra’s lighting systems are also advanced, offering cleaner, more energy-efficient lighting.

Citra’s advanced IoT technology facilitates the exchange of knowledge and information, the successful communication, the development of learning communities and the creation of a culture of school professionalism. Those are the main roles of all leaders in the education field.

Educational facilities utilize Citra’s cost-effective LED lighting and related technology to improve learning conditions, make students feel comfortable on campus and reinforce their brand of education. In addition to meeting sustainability goals that are critical for schools and school districts today, Citra’s LED lighting creates outdoor and indoor spaces that encourage students to achieve their educational goals.