Distribution Center

Distribution centers are often searching for ways to cut costs, and a common way of achieving that aim is to reduce service expenses. Owners and managers of distribution centers have various lighting options but one form is increasingly common. LED technology from Citra boasts multiple features, making them the perfect choice. Switching all of your lights to Cira’s LED technology is the perfect way to get started and you’ll save the most. Changing to a smarter lighting alternative at the end of the month can reduce your energy bill while still maintaining a high standard of service. This successful alternative has several advantages which can improve productivity and health. Citra’s LED technology helps you to have a tailor-made solution for all your applications. The nature of Citra’s LED lighting continues to be a major growth driver for your customers. Since Citra’s LED lighting offers a more natural light feel, it is viewed by the brain as sunlight. This leads to healthier results in a more pleasant environment for the staff and visitors alike. Safety features such as instant on and off controls can be used with occupancy sensors is one of the great advantages of switching to LEDs. Warehouse lights need to be hard-working, durable and long-lasting. Citra offers the perfect solution which meets all criteria.

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Lighting Retrofits


At Citra, our professional, certified lighting engineers are proud to serve the smallest or largest distribution centers to ensure the right lighting to suit customer requirements. We have the expertise in lighting design and LED products to transform targets into effective solutions, whether it helps your staff see more clearly or improves energy efficiency. We provide lighting solutions for distribution centers that achieve greater security, safety and effectively illuminate the vancinities within and around them. Citra offers innovative distribution center solutions that combine the latest in LED technology with optimized design. Our LED lighting solutions meet all of the requirements, such as providing minimal glare on screens, low luminance contrasts around the workstation and reducing energy costs. Our LED Commercial lighting range is highly efficient while still providing you with power consumption savings and related CO2 emissions reduction. With strong technical support, Citra is committed to providing you with the best-LED lighting & lighting solution and best service and efficient understanding communication.

Energy Savings

LED lamps from Citra use about 80% less energy than conventional incandescent bulbs, and about 65% less energy than halogen bulbs.
For distribution centers that require long-term lighting, whether it’s long working hours, security in a warehouse or manufacturing facility, or other uses, switching to Citra’s LED lights can save thousands of dollars annually. With Citra’s state-of-the-art LED lighting and design, most of our customers save about 50 percent on their electric utility bills alone just by switching out old lighting systems. The benefits provided by longer-lasting lamps, very little maintenance and less fuel make Citra’s LEDs the front runner when it comes to commercial space lighting. By converting to LED lighting, you can help reduce the carbon footprint of your facility and help provide your community with a safer future. Reduce dramatically the energy usage of your plant thus saving your business thousands of dollars every month. Our light weight products offer flicker-free light to ease eye strain, combat fatigue and improve performance. Our industrial lighting is completely maintenance-free after shining bright for +100,000 hours. Coupled with Citra’s IoT system, enhanced building- and portfolio-level tracking and monitoring, along with portfolio analytics, may result in lower asset risk, more granular valuations, and enhanced portfolio management capabilities.

Ambient Intelligence (IoT)

Citra’s IoT lighting system is designed with distribution centers in mind. Citra’s LED technology is designed to set a new standard for lighting. You receive a connected lighting system with Citra which does more than just provide light. It also provides you information about your facility and allows the facility manager to make more informed decisions about your operations. Citra analyzes all the data collected through smart sensors embedded in the lighting system, using the data to continuously improve the warehouse and process layout.

CItra IoT system also improves energy efficiency in distribution centers and makes it more sustainable. Through adjusting the lighting to demand, using daylight harvesting and presence sensors, the new device achieves energy savings of up to 90% compared to sites where traditional lighting is used. This is in addition to the substantial savings gained by switching to Citra’s IoT system. Companies continually use data to enhance distribution processes. Our IoT system will provide useful, data-driven insights to create a more efficient work atmosphere for workers, increase efficiency while lowering energy usage.

Improved safety and efficiency are some of the key advantages of the Citra IoT system as secure lighting ensures a healthy working atmosphere, eliminates incidents and allows continuous operation by reducing unplanned maintenance. Citra helps distribution centers be predictive rather than reactive, providing immediate visibility into existing faults and flagging possible future problems before they arise to minimize any downtime. Citra also provides insights which enhance employees’ productivity by enabling them to track their operations.