Convention/Banquet Facilities

When it comes to convention centers and banquet halls, there are several elements that have to come together to create the right environment for vendors and attendees to gather. Lighting is one of those constituents. A convention center does not attract visitors or vendors without adequate lighting. Organizations who come to conferences or events want to ensure that there will be a proper showing of their goods and services, and appropriate LED lighting is crucial to that. Participants want visual relaxation and the opportunity to enjoy the experience with no unnecessary pressure on the eye. When you consider your lighting choices, make sure that you not only consider the lighting quality but also the energy efficiency. With Citra’s LED lighting, high performance and excellent lighting quality can be combined to make your convention center the preferred facility for events of all types.

Switching from traditional lighting to Citra’s LED lighting will substantially reduce energy consumption. While the total savings would depend on the specific form of LED lighting you are using, it’s not unusual to see energy bills cut in half or more. Additionally, since Citra LED lighting has a longer rated lifetime than traditional lighting, you’ll spend less time, energy and money replacing lighting, which is an inconvenient job in the modern convention center’s high ceilings. This leads to monetary savings and a reduction in your carbon emissions, all of which benefit your business through Citra’s LED technology.

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Lighting Retrofits


With Citra’s LED lighting you will experience better, higher quality light. With Citra’s LED lighting you are ensured that when you turn the lights on, they are at their brightest point right away. This means that you do not need to allow the lights to warm up and improve the safety of the facility as soon as you switch on the lights. Citra’s revolutionary LED lighting offers meaningful experiences and a safe environment for exhibitors, visitors, guests and event managers. Citra’s LED convention center lights provide high efficiency. Many conference centers are seeing energy savings of up to 75% since replacing old lighting.


Good lighting generates an overall positive feeling about the brand and the place. Citra’s unparalleled success in LED designs and technology is helping companies get their investment back in no time. Citra offers convention centers LED lights with high energy savings that are more sustainable in the long run. They can produce high-quality light while consuming far less energy than conventional lighting systems. Unlike other light sources, Citra’s LEDs have a long service life of +100,000 hours and do not lose brightness as they age. Building Citra’s LEDs is cost-effective and the ideal lighting solution for convention centers. The architecture of Citra’s LEDs makes things look just as they should be under the sun. Exhibitors can show off their products and customers can clearly see the real colors and textures of the items on display.

Ambient Intelligence (IoT)

Citra’s IoT system fits well with lighting controls and is paired with automated sensors, dimmers, time clocks and more. Our IoT is easy to use and user friendly, since they are automated. If you want to cut your center’s energy usage significantly, Citra’s IoT device is your best bet. Citra’s IoT system links lighting, controls and sensors to a local network that can be monitored and managed through a dashboard, either wired or wirelessly. The illumination device can be related to other building systems, such as HVAC.

Through integrated IoT systems and the use of Big Data, managers will produce useful data that will help minimize space maintenance costs, energy usage, and make a more sustainable business possible. Successful IoT and connected system protection begins with the initial design process of the system including the various device components. All parts and sub-assemblies integrated into the final product must be safe and immune from disruptions. Citra’s IoT and connected device manufacturers recognize and enforce validated security processes to protect embedded devices, such as system identification, protect boot, embedded firewall, safe key storage, secure element integration, and safe remote updates and alerts.