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How LEDs Bring Light to Your Automotive Dealership

Car dealerships benefit from increased lighting levels in the most important way: sales, savings and safety! The exponential growth of new technology and consumer expectations have had some significant impacts on the automotive industry. Attractive, bright LED lights can attract customers into the lot and differentiate your dealership from the competition.

As a leader in LED technology, Citra provides optimized, personalized and creative solutions for your car dealership lighting. Car dealerships use strategic lighting in their space to boost sales and beat their competition. The best quality of your cars in the lot and showroom are illuminated by LED lights, which can positively affect purchasing decisions.

Citra understands the value of lighting for car dealerships. Our team analyzes your lighting during our initial evaluation, decides the area lighting specifications and recommends the best design for your dealership. We also provide you with a comprehensive report on the total amount of energy used, how much can be saved by converting to LED and how much can be saved by available rebates. This openness helps Citra offer an outstanding LED solution that complements your dealership’s goals and saves you money on the bottom line.

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Lighting Retrofits

Design Strategies For Your Car Dealership

Retrofitting LED lighting in your car dealership can benefit your company directly by showing your vehicles more efficiently while enhancing safety and security. The appearance of your car dealership is as important as the service your sales team provides. Citra will design and configure the light fixtures to always ensure the lighting arrangement reflects the elegance of your automobiles. What is critical in any car dealership is that their showroom lighting design aligns with the interior architectural design as well as the brand image of your dealership to maximize a positive environment that is vital to enhancing your customer experience. In order to design an auto store that is visually appealing and inviting, our lighting designers include as many interior architectural features as possible, such as shop height, interior design, floor textures, show arrangements and more. Our experts are excited to provide a free report that also includes complete cost-benefit and ROI evaluations. The report will show you how you can benefit from converting to Citra’s modern LED lighting in the showroom or retrofitting your dealership’s car lot light with LED retrofits, resulting in a better ROI over time as well as higher sales. Recommendations include on how best to use our Citra car dealership LED lighting solutions to reduce your energy and maintenance costs. With the right lighting choices in the right location, your dealership will be bright, safe and welcoming.

Saving Energy

Citra offers car dealerships the best energy-saving opportunity on the market. Our experts get to learn about your business when you work with Citra. To find out how LED lighting systems can improve performance and productivity, we review your inventory, showrooms, lot and service bays. We also learn about your unique problems in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of your lighting goals and expectations.

Once we understand what you need, we will design a plan that reaches optimal lighting levels, maximizes energy savings, lets you qualify for utility incentives and ensures that operational performance goals are achieved. Light accounts for approximately 45% of the maintenance expenses of a car dealer. Typically, light from traditional sources is wasted at dealerships while also increasing light pollution. Car dealerships in the U.S. also use up to 18% more energy than certain commercial industries in a year.

Fortunately, energy saving dealership LED lighting is increasingly popular and utilized for realizing a significant reduction in power consumption. Citra’s eco-friendly LED light fixtures also blend into the concept of environmental protection for the automotive industry that’s always dedicated to improving energy use. Energy-efficient LED lighting not only reduces power consumption substantially, but also emits less heat which can lead to lower cooling bills for auto dealership shops.


Our LED fixtures with integrated occupancy sensors control lighting levels in unoccupied areas to maximize energy savings. When activity is detected, light levels go up instantly to meet the required illumination for people working in that area. After a period of inactivity, the sensors turn
the fixtures off or dim them to a preset level, achieving additional energy savings and life.

Our occupancy sensors include a daylight function constantly measuring the light coming from other sources and sets the lumen output. Using dimming technology, LEDs can work in any range (0 to 100 percent of their rated light output). This not only promotes higher energy efficiency but also increases lifespan. LEDs also have mechanisms that turn on and off immediately, without any time constraints or warm up.By installing Citra light control technology for your LED lighting systems, auto dealerships can expect results that could include the following:

  • Additionally lowering light levels on lots behind showrooms or more distant from the front lots can further reduce energy usage and costs.
  • Lighting can be dimmed to levels that reduce light pollution and avoid disturbing neighboring businesses or residents.
  • Dimming light levels at low-traffic times, such as after midnight or 2 a.m., can reduce energy costs significantly, over and above the savings from switching to LED lighting alone.
  • The use of motion detectors to brighten lights to full levels in response to detected motion can help improve security.

LED Lights as a Safety Measure

Before customers purchase cars, car dealerships are home to hundreds of vehicles which can have a total value of thousands to millions of dollars. Most car dealerships take several precautionary measures to ensure that the standard remains safe and secure inside their cars. Your car showroom is the heart of your entire operation, the place where customers visit you and fulfill purchases. Poor lighting can cause headaches, pressure on the eyes and bad posture. Focus declines when workers are not confident, which affects sales efforts. They are less alert and enthusiastic, and can easily make mistakes that will affect your business negatively. Citra’s LED light fixtures installed in the car lot outside are an extremely valuable feature to have, because they can deter unwanted intruders from coming in the vicinity. Exterior LED light fixtures in car dealerships also allow better vision for employees and make visitors feel comfortable when they are at the location when it’s dark outside. Drive down your overhead and improve productivity in your warehouse with energy-efficient LED lighting solutions. Our LED warehouse lighting will increase illumination, improve safety, and eliminate maintenance issues. Citra LED lights also make it easier to find dings and scratches in your car collection, making it easier for your staff to identify which property equipment to use. All while making it easier to locate a mechanism that needs repair due to the optimized lighting. Create a safe work environment for your car dealership and take your business to the next level. Citra LED lighting creates a win-win situation: it saves you money and protects your employees, products and keeps your customers happy. That’s why upgrading to Citra LED lighting requires no contemplation.

Ambient Intelligence (IoT)

Citra goes one step further toward providing our customers with optimized results with our smart lighting based IoT. This smart lighting system controls the luminosity to the movement and schedule of vehicles and people, achieving a much higher cost savings in energy usage, installation, maintenance and emergency lighting than most conventional lighting systems.

Cost savings are among the benefits of Citra’s smart lighting system. LED technology provides up to 80-90% energy savings, and the lifetime of LEDs is ten times greater than the lifetime of fluorescent light. Citra’s IoT control system also offers features on repairs, emergency and sensor systems.

Not only are Citra’s improvements financial; it also increases customer loyalty. LED lighting allows for a user-friendly tool that enables optimized schedule, occupancy, vehicle and flow of people to be managed.