Assisted Living

Today, assisted living facilities face the difficulty of delivering a better standard of living for tenants while holding running costs down. Assisted living facilities consume more electricity per square foot than most other forms of facilities, according to a report by the Department of Energy. 43% of the electricity used in assisted living facilities is devoted to lighting systems. Now, thanks to advancements in Citra’s LED lighting technology and lighting controls, developers and operational management can quickly and efficiently modernize their facilities. Citra delivers modern powerful LED technology capable of lowering electricity consumption up to 80% . The increasing potential for LEDs to integrate into facility operations through networked controls makes it a promising lighting solution for the modernization of senior living communities without adding a hefty price tag. As fifty million “baby boomers” age and access assisting living services, introducing high-quality, energy-efficient LED lighting will help meet this demographic’s specific needs while following through on the promise of quality assisted living that ensures their happiness, health, well-being and security.

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Lighting Retrofits

Safety/Resident Health

The most important consideration for assisted living facilities is safety. Senior living facilities often have 24/7 operations and require proper illumination to support residents’ needs at all times throughout the day. Unlike other technologies, Citra’s LED lighting is adjustable and controllable in many ways to deliver residents an optimized sense of safety and security in assisted living spaces. Research has shown that LED lighting has positive effects on health including reducing Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias, headaches, nausea, mood disorders, vision loss, stress and eye disorders. Citra’s expertise, experience and frequent collaboration with assisted living facilities enable us to meet specific requirements with our lighting solutions. In addition to energy and cost savings, these health benefits make Citra’s LEDs the ideal choice for senior living facilities. Increasing light as protection in our later years – that’s Citra’s passion.


Connectivity across assisted living facilities is a critical aspect of lighting controls. To operate lighting systems more efficiently, Citra’s state-of-the-art lighting control systems create intelligent lighting solutions that optimize energy efficiency and provide user-friendly usability. Citra’s energy-efficient wireless LED lights with motion detection are great for lighting up hallways, bathrooms, and rooms reducing the risk of falls. Some advantages include mapping lighting to a circadian rhythm to enhance resident sleep / awake cycles; tailoring light rates for comfort and efficiency to different resident and staff activities, increasing safety, and much more all while reducing energy consumption.

Such lighting controls can be used to track and handle LED fixture operations and change energy usage based on variables such as occupancy, ambient light rates and schedule. Facility controls can also bring precision to assisted living facility maintenance by transmitting information on energy usage, lighting and other maintenance issues to the light control all in real time.

Smart building technology increases the opportunity for savings across an entire community, and senior living facilities can provide higher quality treatment. This is the biggest win – for seniors, their families, partners in the community care system, and health care organizations.


Assisted living facilities light fixtures need to be designed with respect and a well-rounded knowledge of the elderly’s unique illumination needs. In old age, many people develop degenerative eye disorders and often struggle with mental health concerns that can either be improved or worsened by indoor lighting. Poor lighting can cause a glare to the aging eye from potential obstacles and fake shadows. This causes disorientation for the individual as they try to navigate across the room, causing falls and accidents.

Uncertainty within our elderly loved ones regarding their surrounding environment limits their independence prematurely resulting in unnecessary fear and anxiety when trying to walk around on their own. When individuals are no longer able to carry out daily tasks independently, a sense of agitation can set in, further worsening their mood. One of the most important aspects of Citra’s LED light design for this population is acknowledging their experiences and challenges. This mentality leads Citra to additional attention to detail in the way we design LED light fixtures for assisted living facilities.

Ambient Intelligence IoT

When it comes to IoTs in assisted living facilities, the focus revolves around protection, safety and happiness for our elderly loved ones. Citra’s IoT optimizes the advantages of this technology by maintaining security, privacy, and the human connection that is vital to the quality of life of a senior. There are a broad variety of benefits of using Citra’s IoT to support the elderly. They can easily stay in contact with a physician or health care professional or let their health care provider treat them. It also reduces operating costs, both improves a senior living community’s productivity, and unlocks needed financial resources that can contribute to residents’ care and well-being. Citra’s IoT helps senior operators in the living group handle their operating costs on two levels: energy management and predictive maintenance.

Citra’s IoT platform tracks issues and solutions before the issue persists. It allows senior living facilities not only to provide better comfort and treatment to their residents, but also to allow operators and staff to achieve cost savings and to capture actionable data on residents and services. Citra’s IoT is helping to fully reinvent senior living from operations to residential treatment.