The New York Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) told the world about a pilot program with PURO Lighting to test our UV light disinfection products, powered by Violet DefenseTM technology, on New York City’s buses, trains, stations, and occupational facilities. And best yet, Columbia University demonstrated that UVC efficiency kills the virus that causes COVID-19 using Puro UV lighting products.

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Citra Disinfection Lighting

An effective and innovative leader in the commercial lighting and controls market, Citra is proud to team up with PURO™ Lighting. Founded in 2019, Puro’s mission is to eradicate deadly pathogens, making the world cleaner, safer, and healthier through advanced lighting technologies.

Puro’s effectiveness and accuracy is supported by exclusive patents and technology from Violet Defense™, deployed through a breakthrough UV disinfection solution that includes broad-spectrum UV fixtures providing total room disinfection by ceiling, suspension or wall mounting. These fixtures kill up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses and can greatly minimize fungal growth such as yeasts and molds, when used at the recommended spacing and runtimes.

An effective and innovative technology backed by science is on a mission to eradicate deadly pathogens, making places like hospitals, nursing homes, restaurants and commercial offices safer places for employees, patrons, and patients.

Operating from a position of innovative technology, Puro provides total room disinfection of any size. Puro provides ultimate customer service by delivering consistent disinfection results integrated and automated into your day-to-day operations. This proprietary UV disinfection technology is user-friendly and available in different shapes, sizes, and features.

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How does UV light kill germs?

More than 140 years ago Downes & Blunt discovered the influence of sunlight on antibacterial. They found that shorter solar spectrum wavelengths were more effective in neutralizing the bacteria. It is now commonly recognized that the UV-C, UV-B, and UV-A light spectrums have significant germicidal and antibacterial effects.

Germ-killing Light Targets the DNA & RNA of Microbes

DNA & RNA is the genetic material that makes up all living organisms, controlling their growth, development, function and reproduction. UV light produces electromagnetic energy that can destroy the ability of microorganisms to reproduce by causing photo-chemical reactions in nucleic acids (DNA & RNA). The ultraviolet energy triggers the formation of specific thymine or cytosine dimers in DNA and uracil dimers in RNA, which causes inactivation of microbes by causing mutations and/or cell death and failure to reproduce.

Broad Spectrum of Light Optimizes Effects

Puro’s product lines, Helo and Sentry Mobile, powered by Violet Defense™ technology, represent a significant advance in the defense of germicides for the planet. To maximize user germ-killing performance, Citra uses Puro solutions for broad-spectrum light like germicidal UV-C, UV-B and antibacterial UV-A.

UV-C is most generally referred to as germicidal UV, capable of killing bacteria, viruses, mold and fungus.

UV-A and UV-B light cause oxidation of proteins and lipids causing cell death.
Broadband UV lamps have also been shown to inhibit photo-reactivation, a process that can result in self-repair of damaged microbes.

Citra is thrilled to be in the business of protecting you and your loved ones from disinfection leading-edge technology and consistent quality of care with Puro™.
Citra, through Puro™, offers a high-quality line of proprietary products, powered by Violet Defense™ technology, that will meet your everyday space needs for healthy, reliable, germ killing. The products integrate the broad-spectrum of UV light with technology for motion sensors to destroy bacteria and viruses anytime and wherever you need them.

Citra and Puro™

Our vision for seamless UV light technology is to create beautifully engineered smart environment systems through the seamless integration of building technologies.

At the heart of the Puro™ products Citra is offering the UV Light Engine, protected by patents from Violet Defense™. The lenses, made of a UV transmissive polymer, are in direct and immediate contact with a Xenon lamp, the source of UV-C, UV-B and UV-A. This patented design allows significant UV energy transmission, without the fogging, cracking or discoloration that occurs over time with non-UV transmissive lens materials.

Its strong, ground-breaking design has allowed high-intensity, wide-spectrum UV miniaturisation, enabling us to offer a small and lightweight fixture that can be mounted on a ceiling or wall, making it more affordable and maneuverable on our mobile units.