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Mobile UV Disinfection Units

Mobile UV Disinfection Units

Mobile UV Disinfection Units

As the world hunkers down in their homes in an attempt to stop the spread of COVID-19, individuals responsible for a business or commercial building are taking stringent precautions keeping themselves and their building disease free. This includes self-quarantining, disinfecting commonly touched surfaces and maintaining a healthy and clean lifestyle. As such, there is already a lack of hand sanitizers, rubbing alcohol, and other disinfectants. With insufficient availability of man-made sanitizers, many have shifted to Puro™’s UV light technology disinfectant, powered by Violet Defense™ technology.

Puro’s broad-spectrum UV light™ light technology eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria, fungi and viruses on surfaces. Any facility ranging from healthcare to childcare can benefit from UV-C lighting. The options are endless. Mobile UV disinfection is one option available for you to use in germicidal UV. We suggest you weigh the following considerations before launching any new systems:

  • Disinfecting time – How long does it take to properly disinfect? The amount of time the product must remain wet on the surface before disinfection is achieved is called contact time. Contact time will vary depending on the place and environment.
  • Labor – Do you have the people and support to help you move and operate the UV disinfection products?
  • Space – When faced with the question of having to calculate how much space you need to have an efficiently well-lit space through LED lighting it can become a bit more complicated.

Below is a list of the benefits and drawbacks of mobile UV disinfection devices, the best locations for their use and listing products for sale.

Pros for mobile UV disinfection units

User-friendly – Ultraviolet-C (UVC) light emitted by these hand-held devices is noted for its disinfection solutions. By using one of Puro’s products they will be able to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria in spaces. The idea is that you can move the mobile UV light to any space, anywhere and 99.9% germs there will disappear.
Scheduling – UV disinfection products are designed specifically to be installed and operated wherever that is convenient for you. Anywhere that moisture intermittently or continuously forms, you will be able to run our germicidal UV lighting. This is particularly beneficial to anyone in charge of healthcare facilities, hotels, and elsewhere.
Equipment adjustability– UV disinfection units of all variations provide a sanitary workspace an incredibly powerful disinfectant however, it can be confusing trying to figure out which device is best for your facility. Getting rid of pesky germs in hidden places can be achieved through robotics, pushcarts and standalone UV units. When picking the right UV sterilization device, adjustability within your space is an important factor in determining which device is the right one for your project.

Cons of mobile UV disinfection units

Space – Mobility through handled UV disinfection systems is a major plus however, it can also be considered a negative. A wall or ceiling mounted UV product is both user-friendly and financially smarter as it cleans all areas you need seamlessly and on schedule. Having just one disinfection unit depending on your space size will limit your ability to clean your entire space thoroughly.
Labor – This is in reference to the above-mentioned con. Someone has to control the machine, and transfer it within your spaces. One must contemplate their staff and whether they are capable of such a task.
Time – Bear in mind if you may want to use Puro’s UV disinfection technology for your various disinfection scenarios, narrowing down what kind of unit you need for your facility or building will help you determine the best pick, saving you time and resources. This process will help you determine which unit offers you optimized results.

Where to use mobile UV disinfection units

While UV sterilization can be used as a supplemental infection control strategy for almost any situation, such as cruises and or office spaces as mentioned above fighting bacteria, virus and germs. A fast growing number of businesses are closing due to the spread of COVID-19 until control solutions are realized.

Here are some application suggestions:

  • Airports & Airplanes – Ensure the safety of those traveling on flight by utilizing Puro’s UV Disinfecting units by killing off germs in the matter of minutes on any plane. This is a great option for restrooms and other spaces on a plane and in your local airport.
  • Restaurants & Grocery Stores– Due to its high frequency, UV light is lethal to bacteria and viruses which scrambles and damages their nuclear material. When it damages these pathogens DNA (or RNA) code it also triggers lethal mutations which prevent them from properly reproducing. Puro can stop the spread of germs in your restaurant and grocery story with UV disinfection products helping you protect both your customers and staff.
  • Banks – By using Puro’s UV light to disinfect an ATM or bank counters throughout the day makes a lot of sense especially since it is likely to come into contact with germs from multiple people. UV light is a useful alternative to chemical cleaners on tabletops and other surfaces, helping the bank save money, time and resources.
  • Hotels – Like in health care facilities, UV light emitting technology can literally zap away pathogens. Citra Tech offers effective solutions to prevent germs and viruses in an effort to do away with germs in all rooms and common spaces in hotels protecting your guests.
  • Primary Care Centers & Assisted Living – With the spread of COVID-19, more and more patients are visiting their local doctors for solutions. By protecting primary care center visitors with advanced germicidal UV lightning will keep these bacteria and viruses from spreading. Chemical treatments and products may be difficult to come by given the limited supply. These products often leave a residual behind that may or may not be healthy for the user. Another benefit of Puro’s UV lighting units is that you create less waste.
  • Office Space – Puro’s UV lighting units kill off bacteria on hardtop desk surfaces, computer screens, and devices. Puro’s UV light devices are an alternative to chemical cleaners, helping reduce transmission of diseases on a large scale.

Mobile UV disinfection units for sale

There are several things to remember when choosing the mobile UV disinfection device that’s perfect for you. How much space do I have available? Is it for a big space or a smaller room? How much power does it need and how long is the cleaning cycle? Luckily, Citra offers a variety of options for us to be creative in choosing the best option for our clients. We have three mobile disinfection units available for purchase through our partner, PURO Lighting.